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Talent ProFusion, Inc., formerly System TWO, Inc., has specialized in the placement of all levels of business professionals since 1980. Our recruiting experience spans the spectrum of business, engineering and information technology. Our commitment is to work closely with our clients to:

  • Understand their business, management, and/or technical needs
  • Assist in defining their open position requirements
  • Define the types of individuals who would best fit their business and cultural environment
  • Provide fully-qualified candidates to assist them in satisfying their staffing goals,

and our candidates to:

  • Review business, management, and/or technical skills
  • Assess career and personal needs
  • Define career goals and objectives
  • Assist them in identifying organizations that provide an environment that would enable them to maximize their career potential.

Our Management Team.

Talent ProFusion Management Team

Thomas Wrona, President/Owner, has made a successful career in providing staffing assistance to small and large corporations for both permanent and consulting positions. Since 1972, his focus has been in the areas of Information Technology, Engineering and Technical Sales.

Tom’s expertise lies in working closely with client companies to understand their culture, environment, and position requirements. This provides the foundation for identification of the best possible candidates to fit their needs. His many years of experience in the recruitment of professional talent have provided him with the expertise to understand client company and candidate needs in order to satisfy the requirements of both.

Tom is an avid photographer who enjoys travel, sports cars, football, and family events. In the past, he was very active in the Chain-of-Lakes Drag Boat Racing Group.

Tom can be reached directly at: 630 / 717-6500 or 630 / 219-8447

Victoria Starr, Vice President/Owner, has recruited candidates for both permanent and consulting positions, since 1993. Vicki’s prior 15 years of consulting and corporate experience in Information Technology have been of significant value in helping her to understand a client’s business, environment and culture, as well as a candidate’s experience, to properly match the position requirements of both, regardless of industry. Her experience includes the placement of all levels of management and staff positions.

Her transition from technology to recruiting came with the realization of where her job satisfaction derived: working with clients to understand their business needs and working with people to help them meet their career objectives. The emphasis Vicki places on listening to and understanding client and candidate needs, which includes being sensitive to the cultural environment of clients, has greatly contributed to her success in matching a candidate to the staffing requirements of new and long-term clients. Those placements are still as exciting to Vicki, today, as they were in 1993! Her clients and industry focus have included Information Technology, Engineering, Construction, Architecture, and Manufacturing.

For many years, Vicki has been a board member of the Hobson Creek Community Council. She has held the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, some more than once. Her participation has given her insight into what it takes to work together to run a community, as well as allowing her to give back to her community. Vicki was also a very active member of the now defunct Chicago Chapter of Ladies Circle International, an international women’s social and service organization, where she made continuing friendships with women from many countries. She most enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, and traveling.

Vicki can be reached directly at: 630 / 717-2710